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Work Experience:

Freelance Glass Fabricator

New York, NY

October 2018 - Present

     ●  Work with artists and designers to design and fabricate unique pieces of glass

     ●  Projects have ranged from delicate leaf pendants and geissler style plasma lights, to 30” rectangular 

              spirals filled with running water, and assisting in the construction of a 9’ x 5"’ x 2.5’ tubing system that 

              maxed out the largest hotshop kiln at Urban Glass

Freelance Glass Instructor/Teacher’s Assistant

Urban Glass, Brooklyn, New York, Salem CC, Carneys Point, NJ and Scarsdale High School, Scarsdale, NY

July 2017 - Present

     ●  Led several stock classes at Urban Glass, as well as one of my own design

     ●  Educate students on basic principles of flameworking

     ●  Coach students through the beginning of their education in the studio

     ●  Provide resources for further self directed learning

     ●  Artist in Residence/Flameworking instructor at Scarsdale High School Fall 2019

     ●  Worked as a TA for Dennis Briening, Amy Lemaire, Carmen Lozar, and Kristin Deady

Flying Trapeze Instructor/Team Leader

​Trapeze School New York (TSNY), New York, NY

June 2010/July 2011 – Present

     ●  Responsible and liable for student safety

     ●  General instruction, control of spotting lines, administration of safety equipment

     ●  Opening and closing trapeze rig

     ●  Determining a trick progression for individual students, discuss conditioning goals and plans

     ●  Setting and maintaining pace and mood of class; managing customer expectations

     ●  Instructor training: flying trapeze skills, coaching fundamentals, and customer relations

Chemistry/Mathematics Tutor

Salem Community College​, ​Penns Grove, NJ

September 2016 - December 2017

     ●Tutor and advise students on an individual basis about classwork and organization

     ● Basic and organic chemistry, algebra, and precalculus

Facilities Management

TSNY, New York, NY

April 2013 – August 2013/May 2014 – August 2014

     ●  Helped direct rig construction

     ●  Turned metal frame into useable and safe flying trapeze rig

     ●  Weekly cursory safety inspections and monthly in depth inspections

     ●  Maintenance/General handyma​n


Associates in Applied Science,​ ​

Salem Community College, Carney’s Point, NJ

August/2016 – May/2018

     ●  Major: Scientific Glass Technology

     ●  GPA: 3.34​

Accomplishments and Activities:

     ●  Instructor and TA at Urban Glass (December 2018 - Present)

     ●  Instructor for Intro to Scientific Glass at Urban Glass (February 2020)

     ●  Artist in Residence at Scarsdale High School (October and November 2019)

     ●  TA for Carmen Lozar “Go Figure” at Urban Glass (August 2019)

     ●  TA for Amy Lemaire “Projects” at Urban Glass (March 2019)

     ●  Led a glass figure-sculpting class at Urban Glass (February 2019)

     ●  TA for Kristin Deady Boro Bootcamp at Urban Glass (December 2018)

     ●  TA for Dennis Breining Scientific Glass Blowing for Artists at Urban Glass (July 2017)

     ●  TA for Dennis Breining Scientific Glass Blowing for Scientists at Salem CC (June 2017)

     ●  Flameworking Instructor during Ranch Hope week at Salem CC (June 2017)

     ●  Flameworking/Fusing Instructor for 6 Weekend Workshops at Salem CC (April 2017 - Present)

     ●  Salem Community College New Normal Student Show (November 2017)

     ●  Salem Community College Drawing Student Show (January 2016)

     ●  Salem Community College 2D Design Student Show (December 2015)

     ●  Flying Trapeze Instructor-Trainer for Royal Caribbean International on Anthem of the Seas (April 2015)