Created at Urban Glass Studios in Brooklyn, NY, these pieces of jewelry are created through a process called flameworking, where pre-melted glass is heated at a torch stationed in front of the artisan. In our jewelry we use borosilcate glass which is a very strong, scratch and heat resistant glass also known as Pyrex. These pieces are created by simultaneously heating two pieces of glass, touching one to a layer of metal foil, and then using the second piece of glass to quickly encase the metal. This requires precise timing and technical skill, as the heat of the torch is so hot that it will vaporize the metal instantly if it is not within the glass. 

Currently we are using two kinds of metal foil, copper and gold. Copper is more visually playful, and can yield a wide range of colors by varying the thickness of the foil and changing the background color. Gold is far more challenging, as the temperature at which the glass becomes pliable is just slightly below point at which the gold disappears from within the glass. One moment of carelessness, and the gold is lost forever, but the results are so worth it.

Created by Dylan Karle www.dylankarle.com