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Born and raised in lower Manhattan, things were constantly moving. Starting with silent meetings during high school, and continuing with flying trapeze and flameworking; I have been working to slow myself down and gain deeper understanding of myself, other people and beings, and the world. A constant goal with no real destination or endpoint, I am drawn to an existence that arrises beyond ideas of success or failure and lives in experience.

Flameworking and glass are full of contradictions like this. So hard that it will shatter rather than bend, yet so soft and pliable that is must be caressed with the care one would show a newborn. Glass is alive, and like all living things, not two objects are the same. And, while things like symmetry and balance are frequently my goal, it is life affirming to revel in the imperfections. To laugh at the wonk, and know that despite cosmetics, it is whole, it is good, and it is loved.