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Born and raised in lower Manhattan, things around me were constantly moving. I was introduced to the stillness and introspection of quaker silent meetings in high school, and I have since gravitated to activities like flying trapeze and flameworking that make me feel a similar quality of mind, with perhaps a bit more risk; and perhaps a touch or irony, given how much more dynamic the later two can be.


Glass is full of contradictions like this. capable of being so hard that it will shatter rather than bend, yet also so soft and pliable that is must be caressed with the care one would show a newborn. Glass is alive, and like all living things, no two objects are the same. And, while things like symmetry and balance are frequently my goal, it is life affirming to revel in the imperfections. To enjoy the imperfections, and know that despite cosmetics, it is whole, it is good, and it is loved.

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