Artist Statement

Everything we experience is generated from within us, by us, as we are all an inseparable and essential part of Collective Source Energy. Most frustratingly, this includes all of the fears and insecurities we use to hold ourselves back from our higher selves and living our fullest lives. However, when viewed at as a tool for growth, without judgement, fearful experiences can be used to show us where we can most use improvement and need to open ourselves up more. They are both the bars to our prison and the key to our liberation. My current work is a meditation on the process of liberation I have become engaged with as I start to shed my attachment to the story of myself, who I have been, and who I will be.


As these lower vibrational attachments fall away, tuning into higher frequencies of love and interconnectedness becomes inescapable because this is our true nature. Regardless of how far we descend we always eventually find our way back to the light. Inner guidance from your higher self and synchronicity/flow with the universe become the norm because it is your birthright as a conscious being. It is my desire to share these feelings with others through striving to unabashedly live and speak this truth with my own voice.

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